Don’t Forget the Knox

By now, the story of my first few encounters with Knox McCoy is the stuff of legend.

If you’re one of the 312,398,205 Americans who haven’t yet heard the story, here’s the nutshell: I “discovered” Knox, and fell in love with his blog, at least three times – and then completely forgot him in between times. It’s as though The Adjustment Bureau kept coming in and resetting me. I don’t know how to explain this, except to blame it all on my boys, who have stripped most of the brain cells right out of my head.

Knox forgave my amnesia and actually went on to interview me, for his Residents of Awesometown series, and the experience was…well…awesome.

Knox writes about faith and life and pop culture, and he is smart and hilarious but also kind. Snark without the knives. He makes me giggle, out-loud, every time I read his stuff. (Since I am not a giggler, this feels a bit disconcerting.)

It is impossible to not adore Knox. Go ahead – spend some time on his site, and try to resist the adoration.

It can’t be done.

One of the many, many things Knox writes about is The Bachelor/Bachelorette TV show, and since my husband and I are long-time Bachelor viewers (don’t judge), these posts are near and dear to my heart. Recently, Knox published a book called “Jesus and The Bachelorette: Finding Christ Among Roses, Tanned Bodies, and Hyperbole.”

I’m not even kidding.

I haven’t read the book yet, but I couldn’t resist subjecting Knox to an interview of my own, because he’s one of my very favorite bloggers. He makes me want to be a better person. Or at least a funnier one.

Ladies and Gentlemen: in his own words.

What sets your book apart from all the other recently-published books detailing the similarities between the Gospel and The Bachelorette?

A great question. Books pertaining to that particular TV show and Christianity is certainly a saturated market, but the great Wes Molebash had already created a really sweet cover cartoon for me, so I felt like I had to go ahead and write the book because a great cartoon is a terrible thing to waste, you know?

What can people hope to accomplish by reading your book?

Hmm. Very little. At the best, it will be an exercise in expanding their traditional notions for how you can evaluate your own, personal faith. At worst, it will be a spectrum of pop culture references largely aimed at making fun of different elements of The Bachelor/ette. So there’s a vast expansive divide in terms of payoff.

Do you try to come up with a spiritual lesson to be learned with all TV shows, or just those hosted by Chris Harrison?

All. Of. Them.

No seriously, I kind of inadvertently do. I’ll say this: I’m in a constant state of trying to figure out what it is that I believe and this struggle subconsciously informs a lot of what I perceive. Survivor, Breaking Bad, Wonder Pets, Jake and The Neverland Pirates…they all seem unaffiliated with faith, but I think elements of God are everywhere and in everything. Plus, I have a bizarre fascination with random analogies so, I mean, there’s that.

You appear to be a relatively young man. How on earth are you so familiar with so many different TV shows, especially vintage ones?

I’m 28 and I’m not afraid to say I love TV. Not in a couch-potatoey sense, but in a sense of engaging, smart entertainment. Watching a good show or movie is basically about the best thing ever for me.

X Factor or American Idol?

I’m still working my way into X Factor, but let me answer it this way: I choose Simon Cowell. I need someone who is: A) Experienced, B) Competent in terms of talent evaluation, and C) Engaging as a personality. Outside of Simon, no one else on either show fills these  three needs, so where Simon goes, so shall I. And if you mention J. Lo or Steven Tyler as plausible alternatives, we’re not friends anymore. I mean that.

My head says American Idol, but the judge feedback on that show is so morbidly idiotic that it becomes offensive. After a certain point, I watched each show living one Will.I.Am appearance to another and I don’t even like the Black Eyed Peas. Like, at all.

No, no, I agree about Simon. Moving along, CBS seems to have stepped up the funny this season, with its sitcoms. Do you have any favorites among them?

I’m an old school HIMYM guy. I just think Jason Segal is the cat’s meow.

It took me a few minutes, but I worked out your secret code there. How excited are you that time travel is back on the table?

So excited. Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t even want to time travel because I would invariably cause the time/space continuum to rupture because of something stupid I did. But I need it to exist for the story-telling element and so that smarter people than I can figure out how to exist within it. That and I would make sure that Cougar Town never saw the light of day.

Who are your 3 favorite writers (not including anyone you know.)

Chuck Klosterman

Drew Magary

Raymond Carver

Who’s your favorite blogger among those who write about science-y stuff and books and life with two small boys named Cameron and Connor?

This one is very difficult for me. I’m going to need some time. Question: what’s the policy on lifelines within this interview?

The Court would like to apologize for that last gratuitous question. (And also, to strike your non-answer from the record.) You seem to fancy yourself the King of ridiculously awesome interviews. If you could be the King of one other thing, what would it be?

Ohhhhh good question. Here’s my top three:

3. Calzones

2. Dairy Queen Blizzards

1. The movie-going experience. Big theater screen, dark room, movie popcorn, etc.

Is there any other question you wish I’d asked? Answer it.

“What’s your next project, Knox?

“That’s a totally great question, Cathy. Very wise and profound. I’m actually writing a serial novel and updating it weekly. It’s called Those That Remain and it’s Sci-Fi in nature, so basically a natural follow-up to a book about Christianity and Reality TV.”


Man, I love this guy. Okay, be honest – do you watch The Bachelor/ette? (And I know quite a few of you who do.) If not, what not-quite-rocket-science show would you ‘fess up to watching?


25 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Knox

  1. My goal for the last year has been to be the first to leave a reply. But Grant (my son) beat me to it. Very fun reading, and about Italy with Dan and the boys, why not! Do something you and the boys will remember for the rest of your life. You see God can and will give you the desires of your heart. He, God, can open a window of time, money, and health to do things most only dream of. I will be 71 in a few days, and I’m more excited about the next 10 years then of any 10 in the past. You are awesome in every way and I love you.

    • Dad…we’ve talked about this…when you leave such effusive praise, you’re not supposed to put “Dad”…you’re supposed to put “Anonymous, Totally Random Commenter.”

      Sometimes I wish I could be more of an impractical dreamer! I am far too realistic. Still, I would love to live in Italy…

      Love you.

      • You give me the go ahead, and I will start praying, then look out!! I get up very early Sunday mornings and pray for people who are dreaming BIG dreams. You would not believe what God is doing. I love you so much. Hug the boys (all three) until they pop

  2. Quick side note: what is the deal with How I Met Your Mother adding in this diner this year? Are they trying to be more Seinfeld, or are they just trying to diversify and not spend all their time at McLarin’s? Anyone noticed this? Anyone have any theories? Anyone even care?

  3. I don’t get it. 🙂 I don’t watch TV so I really don’t get any of it. But I love to read/follow because I love to be challenged and even if I never get it, I love your humor. 🙂 I was just thinking perhaps there might be a difference in intro vs extrovert here, but I don’t know. Aren’t you an Introvert? Then I’m really seriously confused. Anyway…Maybe this part of my brain is so grosslyl underdeveloped, there’s just no hope. That’s okay. Other parts are so ginormous I don’t know what to do with them. So now I’m rambling. And I totally love your Dad’s comment. heehee And your response to it. ;o)

  4. I almost hate to say this because I really don’t wish to offend (really….) But Knox, your picture reminds me of someone that has been getting some press in the blogosphere lately, and I just gotta know…..

    Between you and Driscoll, which one is the superhero and which is the mild-mannered alterego? This is one of the great paradoxes of the universe because you’re obviously super and mild mannered and, well, the other guy isn’t either….

    So I guess my question is, has anybody suggested you look like Mr. Driscoll? And are they still living to tell about it?

    Great post, you two. I really liked the original interview in Awesometown too….. good stuff!

    • Ugh! Knox is way cuter than Mark…and I like him far better.

      Do you know, I had never heard of MD until the brou-haha this week…then I had to look him up…then I was sorry I did. I’m sure he’s had some good things to say before, but when THAT is your first intro to him…no bueno.

      Thanks for the comments, D!

  5. Brilliant interview! I love it!

    And definitely read the book when you get the chance. Because it’s tremendously funny, even for someone who has never watched an episode of any Bachelor-related show ever.

    • Thanks, bud!

      You knew Knox way before I did…yet you never introduced me…which remains the only stain upon our beautiful friendship.


  6. I am a fairly recent Knox fan and he keeps pointing me to new people to be a fan of – like you. Great post today. Good questions. Typically bright and smart answers. I read about you, also, so Knox doesn’t get all the kudos. I’ll be subscribing and following along. (I’m such a follower.) Also, I am a TV fan (please don’t tell anyone).

    • Thanks for the sweet words. Am I already following you? (I’m terrible like that.) I will try to find you. 🙂

      I watch more TV than I’d like…BECAUSE IT’S THERE. I would be happy without a TV, but the hubs wouldn’t. Oh well…

      There just aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s all there is to it.

  7. I now watch it to read what Knox says about it! (I think the funniest one might have been the family time with Ashley’s sweaty brother…) 🙂

    Nice interview 🙂

    • Thanks!

      Ashley’s sweaty brother…hilarious…

      We actually watched the show from the VERY beginning…then we took a few years off after the babies were born…but we’re back to watching it now.

      Can’t get into Bachelor Pad, though. Too depressing. 🙂

      PS: Find me on Twitter. If we’re not already, you know, following each other.

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