NEW August 2. So excited about doing a signing at the Costco in Wilsonville, OR from 12-2pm! They will have plenty of copies at a fabulous price.

May 10. I’m thrilled to announce that I will be doing a book signing at West Elm Portland on Saturday, May 10th, from 12-3pm! I will have books for sale, and will be happy to sign any copies you bring with you, as well. If you’re in Portland that day, please stop by…I’d love to see you! This is the day before Mother’s Day, and if you know a mom who likes to read, this would be a lovely gift.

May 10. Ruth Lee will be signing books (and making everyone feel loved) at Bramble Books in Viroqua, WI on Saturday, 10 May, 1-3pm.

May 8. I will be doing a book signing at Horizon Community Church in Tualatin, OR on Thursday, May 8th, from 7-9pm! We will have books for sale, and I will also sign any books you bring with you (I know many of you have preordered from Amazon, which…thank you, because the publisher has already ordered a second printing!) A piece I wrote for Tualatin Life will be in mailboxes that week, and the Oregonian is also working on a piece, so hopefully we’ll have a good crowd.



NBC’s Today Show! Featured segment on May 9, 2014 – click here to watch

RTE Irish Radio: “The John Murray Show (interviewed by Kathryn Thomas)”

Live the Promise with Susie Larson. I’ve taped an interview with Susie for the KTIS network – I’ll post the air date and/or link here when I have it.

Chris Fabry Live, Moody Radio (click on Hour 2 from July 1st): “The Waiting”

Living Inspired, Tricia Goyer: “The Waiting podcast”


The Orange County Register: “Woman finds family at 94, launches book tour at 102.”

Reader’s Digest, book excerpt: “The Reunion That Took 77 Years to Happen”

BookPage, Behind the Book feature: “Telling my Grandma’s remarkable story.”

The Oregonian (will also be in the print edition on Sunday, May 11): “Mother and daughter reunited after 77 years; Tualatin woman writes about ‘The Waiting'”

Publisher’s Weekly feature: “Worth the Waiting”

Tualatin Life: “Tualatin Author’s Book Hits Stores in May” 

NY Post, Mother’s Day feature: “Mom and daughter reunited 77 years after adoption”

The Blaze (Glenn Beck): “Stranger Than Fiction”

Christian Today (from the UK!): “…the incredible story of The Waiting”


2 thoughts on “Media/News

  1. To Mrs. Disbrow:
    When I was a little girl I went to a little country Lutheran Church and our Pastor was Pastor Nordsletten. He was in my eyes a wonderful man sweet, kind and very approachable.
    As I grew older I learned he had adopted a daughter, and I knew I addressed her as Mrs. Lee. (Ruth). Her daughter Debra was in my class.
    My point being , Pastor Nordsletten and his wife would have been wonderful loving parents to Ruth.
    I’m so happy , happy for you and the entire family.
    I believe everyone in Viroqua, Wi is in love with you.
    Mrs. Ruth Lee in my eyes has always been a kind, warm lovely person and I can not think a time I did not see her with a smile on her face.
    The excitement for the both of you I can not imagine how much you hugged and wrapped your arms around each other.
    It was meant to be the Lord wanted you to reunite.
    I feel after the news was known, I think Pastor Nordsletten had prayed for you to meet your daughter again.
    Wishing you many wonderful future moments and years to make memories for your entire new family members.
    Joyce Eide (Maiden name)

    • Hi Joyce,

      I just realized I never replied to this…I’m so sorry! I’ve been a little neglectful of this page…I’ve been mostly keeping up-to-date on my Facebook author page. Anyway…thank you so much for your kind words…I loved reading this! Grandma loved Pastor Nordsletten, too…she spoke so highly of him. I was able to visit South Dakota (finally!) this past Fall, and I got to visit all the places from the book, and meet so many wonderful people. Of course, I cried quite a bit, too! Thanks again for writing. God bless you! XO Cathy

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