I found The Waiting to be one of the most eloquent, moving, irresistible true stories I have ever read. It begins with a sudden and terrible crime against a completely innocent schoolgirl that could have sentenced her to a life of tragedy. But Minka was no ordinary girl. After giving up the child the crime caused her to have, she began to search and wait for decades for the moment she knew somehow had to come—the moment when she would at last be reunited with her daughter. Authors Cathy LaGrow and Cindy Coloma, with the help of the families involved, have eloquently captured this magnificent story of tragedy overcome by love, hope, and perseverance. Most readers will discover, as I did, that as the pages turn, they will shed more than a few tears but they will also find their faith in humanity restored and their hearts more than a little bit lighter.
– Homer Hickam, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Rocket Boys/October Sky

From Publisher’s Weekly: “…LaGrow tells Minka’s story with candor that makes the characters come alive. It is a stunning story of forgiveness, faithfulness, and persistent hope.”

The Waiting will engross you. It is a powerful story of love and fulfillment, told with amazing detail and sparkling prose. Rarely has a book moved me so completely.
– Billy Coffey, Author of When Mockingbirds Sing and The Devil Walks in Mattingly

A poignant story, masterfully told with heart. Minka’s journey comes to light in this beautiful work. And it is a story to be treasured.
– Lisa Wiehl, Bestselling author and FOX News legal analyst

The Waiting is a story of a life conceived from one horrible act and a mother’s love. Minka chose the best for her daughter, only to discover a family that was greater than she ever imagined. The beauty of this story is that it’s about an ordinary life, yet an extraordinary love. As someone who met my own birth father at age twenty-eight—and who has adopted three children—I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Families are created in different ways, but The Waiting reminds us that love conquers heartache and that the smallest flame of hope can lead to answered prayers. I highly recommend this book!
– Tricia Goyer, USA Today bestselling author

Every woman’s nightmare. Every mother’s wonder. . . . Author Cathy LaGrow’s captivating family memoir is rooted in silence and shame, where grief is denied and hope is an unspoken prayer. The Waiting is a stirring testimony of God’s goodness and grace to a troubled young girl and an inquisitive aging woman.
– Karen Spears Zacharias, Author of Mother of Rain

An amazing story that proves God hears our prayers and does sometimes give us the desires of our hearts. Written with heartfelt, poetic prose, The Waiting will move you as you read about this unlikeliest of reunions.
– Travis Thrasher, Bestselling author of Home Run and Never Let Go


2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Amazing & powerful book even I read it twice already. I have a few questions : What happened to Clara afterward on that day at Scatterwood Lake with Minka? Did Clara had to faced the same fate as Minka who had to give her Betty Jane up for the adoption?

    • Thank you, Polly…and sorry for the late reply! I am just hopping onto my site and trying to get back up to speed after some absence. Clara did not become pregnant…Minka said she didn’t talk to her again, but I suspect that meant she never talked to her about what happened.

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