Don’t Forget the Knox

By now, the story of my first few encounters with Knox McCoy is the stuff of legend.

If you’re one of the 312,398,205 Americans who haven’t yet heard the story, here’s the nutshell: I “discovered” Knox, and fell in love with his blog, at least three times – and then completely forgot him in between times. It’s as though The Adjustment Bureau kept coming in and resetting me. I don’t know how to explain this, except to blame it all on my boys, who have stripped most of the brain cells right out of my head.

Knox forgave my amnesia and actually went on to interview me, for his Residents of Awesometown series, and the experience was…well…awesome.

Knox writes about faith and life and pop culture, and he is smart and hilarious but also kind. Snark without the knives. He makes me giggle, out-loud, every time I read his stuff. (Since I am not a giggler, this feels a bit disconcerting.)

It is impossible to not adore Knox. Go ahead – spend some time on his site, and try to resist the adoration.

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