Melvina May – ATCL

I seem to be on a guest-posting tear, lately – and I have at least one more coming up this month! W&PW is getting lonely.

Ah well, it’s a lot of fun. But I should have something new (and original) here, soon.

In the meantime, my August post is up over at ATCL. In it, I discuss my recent visit with my 96-year-old Grandma (and she’s not the oldest one I’ve got), and how I wish I could capture all of the amazing stories from her incredible life.

This post was originally published on All The Church Ladies, a website which has closed. I am in the process of moving all my ATCL posts back over here.


2 thoughts on “Melvina May – ATCL

  1. Heya Cathy,

    I read ya over at ATCL, but just wanted to say HOWDY here too.

    Portland, aye? Up until nearly two years ago, we lived about an hour north of there. Now we are somewhat near Walla Walla, but soon heading north of Spokane to the boonies. So, I will extend the same invite to you… let me know if your comin’ to town.


    • Aw man, wish you were closer! Spokane itself is in the boonies! 🙂 We have some friends who vacation there, and they’ve invited us to come along sometime. Maybe next year. I’ll let you know!

      And I LOVE the boonies…

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