Leave It To The Bieber

Recently, I sent out a Facebook message: Did anyone have any suggestions for a great, gritty movie that the hubs and I could watch after we put the boys to bed? Hubby had had a rough week, you see, and sometimes we like to relieve stress by watching other people blow things up.

Several people recommended Inglorious Basterds, but when I went to Redbox that night, they didn’t have the Basterds movie. So, casting about for something similar, I selected Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber bio-pic.

Turns out, it isn’t similar at all. But I enjoyed it very much.

The next morning, while putting on makeup, I started wondering, because my brain will not stop jabbering for even a nanosecond: All this attention and adulation and hype – is The Bieber really so superior to me? I mean, how would we stack up, in a head to head contest?

So I started making a list…

(Today I am guest-posting over at The Five Stages – where I plan to indulge my fascination with pop-culture from time to time. Click here to read the rest of the story and to see my glamour pic, because when you visit Jenny’s site, you have to bring the glam.)


3 thoughts on “Leave It To The Bieber

  1. Next time you want to watch one or two or three terrific action movies, I recommend the BOURNE Trilogy starring Matt Damon. These are the films that brought me back to the action genre. They are just fascinating and damn good film making. Matt Damon is superb.

    Should be seen in order though:


    • I LOVE that you are always looking out for me, movie/book-wise!

      We own the Bourne movies. 🙂 I love a good action flick. I had read the Bourne books years and years ago…and I was happy when the movies did them justice (as you know, that is rare.)

      Thanks for the recommendations…keep ’em coming!

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