A Lying Liar

I am, quite possibly, the worst liar in the whole wide world.

Last week, we did a little quiz with a couples group from our church, and one of the questions was something like, “What’s one thing you appreciate about your spouse?” and my husband answered, “She’s always honest.” And it’s true. We’ve been married for almost 22 years, and he knows: I just don’t lie.

I even suck at telling benign fibs, like pulling someone’s leg with a joke, or planning a surprise party. If I even try to fool my husband about something, I turn into a giggling eight-year-old.

In fact, there’s only one area of my life where I fling all honesty to the wind. When it comes to exercising, I lie to myself like a politician with a fishing story. It’s the only way I can get my butt out the door. Continue reading