22 Years

Twenty-two years ago today, I married the most patient man in the world.

At least, he was, until I got ahold of him.

To give you an example of the kind of insanity I regularly provide, let me regale you with The Tale of the Bunk Beds.

One of Hubby’s friends gave us a set of wooden bunk beds a while back – older, massive things made of knotty pine. Our boys have been using them as single beds, in their separate rooms.

Right after we got back from vacation last month, we decided to move our boys (who are two and five) into the same bedroom. Our house is very small, so we were stoked about reclaiming our guest room, which has been a baby nursery since the oldest was born.

The only logical choice, space-wise, was to put the bunk beds together. In preparation for the big event, Hubby stained the bunk beds and added a rail to the bottom one, for the two-year-old.

Oh, if only his work had ended there. Continue reading